Haruka Tenoh + Shoes

Aww man, Haruka would have the sickest kicks. She probably spends most of her money of cars, cool jackets, and shoes. From colorful and expensive tennis shoes to really nice dress shoes. (I imagine her liking oxfords and loafers a lot. Probably the ’90s anime and my own fashion taste’s influence.) I can’t imagine her wearing heels all that often. She does wear them but not to the extent she does with her flat(?) shoes. She likes them but not enough to wear them casually.

Anyway, I can just see Haruka being super excited about her new tennis shoes and going to brag about them to Michiru. 

Haruka’s like “Michiru, these shoes make you FASTER.”
and Michiru’s painting and all like (dramatic sigh) “Haruka, you’re the soldier of wind.”
Haruka replies while bouncing. “I KNOW. IMAGINE HOW FAST I WILL BE.” Then Haruka bolts off to test out her shoes and Michiru smiles slightly and shakes her head.

What are some of your favorite sailor moon songs?

Oh hi! This is going to be fun to do, thanks for asking.

Forewarning: I’m not well versed in the musicals so, please forgive me. Also, I can’t tell if some of these songs I like because of their music or because of the memories attached (re:dub)

God-Tier Faves (a.k.a ones i will sob to if feeling sentimental)

Kiari Sailor Dream (PGSM Theme Song)- Sae

This one is like my Sailor Moon theme song. I know it should be Moonlight Densetsu or at least the dub theme song. Idk in my opinion it’s perfect for Sailor Moon. Like right now as I listen to it, I’m getting welled up. (Mi…na…ko)

Power of Love - Jennifer Cihi

I have the R movie almost memorized. This song is another one that I’m holding back tears to. I’m ridiculously cheesy when it comes to Sailor Moon. This is also one of those rare times where I think the dub captured the feeling of the show.

Moon Pride - Momoiro Clover Z

I love the new song. Again, it really captures the Sailor Moon theme/feel. Also, every time it comes on, I feel like I could go kick ass or at least power through chores. (Also this video makes me cryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy)

Outer Senshi Theme

This was actually my ringtone for a while. It’s so beautiful and again, I want to kick ass (elegantly) while listening.

More Faves

Sorry for the self promotion but I’m curating Sailor Moon songs on this mix, if I don’t have a song on there you’d like to hear, please tell me!




破滅の戦士。 by まこぽ on pixiv


always wanted to draw these two

Michiru and haruka


亜美ちゃん by 彰吾 on pixiv


30 Days of Female Characters:
Day 24: Favorite Female Romantic Relationship
∟ Haruka Tenoh/Michiru Kaioh (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon)


Episode ➊. “Usagi – Sailor Moon-”


I am the pretty guardian in a sailor suit
Guardian of love and justice
Sailor Moon






*sweats* FINALLY!! I finished that manga colouring I started on the Double Moon Birthday

I hope you like it