After a long time fighting laziness, I finally finished my Sailor Moon/Serenity fanart, which I started on a couple of months ago *cries happily*.

Another experiment with colors and a random dress design for our Moon Princess hehe~ u//3//u~


I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how could I be #Usagi with white hair. Well my #cosplay for #sdcc was roughly based on Naoko Takeuchi ‘s manga drawings. Sometimes she drew Usagi with white hair when she wasn’t Serenity. So I took that idea and tried making it my own. Hopefully Takeuchi-san would approve ♥♥♥ #sailormoon


Bought some gem stickers.


美少女戦士セーラームーン (SFC)


[There’s more to her than you know]

Animation was too big for tumblr so I had to split it. she actually changes her appearance in one gif (link above)