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In the Royal garden by ~Lelanna


Silver millenium Couples MK by ~LadyMako


Venus and Kunzite are the only Shitennou/Senshi paring that I see actually working. Rei would have no need for a boyfriend(I believe that she actually says so in the Manga at one point), Ami would probably never go for Zoicite(excepting perhaps the PGSM variation of the character), and while Makoto would be glad that Nephrite was taller than she was I don’t know how she’d feel about dating a man with longer hair than hers. AND my inner moonie, who grew up on the anime, still kind of ships Nephrite and Naru.

Mina and Kunzite however would bond over their shared interest in haircare and being stylish.

withahappyrefrain asked you: Kunzite and Venus or Mamuro (sp? yes)and Usagi? YES I AM EVIL

You are indeed evil. 

So evil.

But I had to choose my OTP.

Do you have any recommendations for artists or fanfics centering on Kunzite/Venus? I feel like I've used up all my current resources and am in dire need of more!

ANON, I KNOW EXACTLY HOW YOU FEEL! I hope this helps you out! 

Personal Favorite Fanfiction:

Gold Gun Girls

Bottom Of A Phone Booth




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I hope you haven’t read/seen these. This was exhausting and exhilarating. Thank you for asking me.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE tell me what you think of them. I’m eager to see what you think!

(If you want more…I can try my hand at actually completing my drabbles but seriously nothing in comparison to above.)

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So as some of you may know, I’ve been playing through Sailor Moon: Another Story for the first time.  The game has always interested me, but I just never got around to finding a ROM that would work.  And being a big Shitennou nerd, a bunch of the ideas this game has about them really interests me.

So I got to Venus’s story, and this conversation takes place that is so darned interesting from a Senshi/Shitennou perspective that I just had to write it down.  For context, the Inners have each gone in search of a stone that belonged to the Shitennou in their respective home countries.  Venus is in an all-male village in Turkey, where she finds a shrine to Kunzite.  In the neighboring all-female village, she meets Radina.

Radina: I am called Radina, Sailor Venus-sama.  Once, I worked on your planet.  And once again, you’re here.  It’s like a dream…

Venus: There’s something I have to tell you.  Something awful happened in that area which was protected.  The people of Rias village have all turned to stone.  What should we do?

Radina: That is the village of the soldier of Earth, Kunzite.  This is the village where you used to meet with him.  With the help of the Prince of Earth, the village was preserved.  However, Kunzite was not successfully reincarnated.  And the protection around the village was destroyed.  The people in the village turned to stone.  And Kunzite’s stone statue punished the people.

Venus: But then why am I okay?

Radina: Kunzite removed the protection from everyone but you, it seems.

Venus: But why only me….?

Radina: In your past life, Kunzite was in love with you in this village, the legend says.

Venus: Fuuu…

The game has already been pretty damn obvious with the couples until this point, but this is the first time that someone came out and said it.  But I find it interesting that there is a village of men, with a Kunzite shrine, and a village of women, with a Venus shrine, and she is so part of their culture that all of them immediately recognize her when she appears.  Their whole culture is founded on these two people and their… I guess you could call it a complementary relationship of equals. 

Oh, and Venus was there so often that she had a transport installed.  Venus, just move in with him already.


Venus leaned casually against a pillar, her unease betrayed by the way she held her arms crossed defensively in front of her chest. Despite everything else she couldn't pretend to be unaware of the way this accented her figure nicely. It could prove to be an advantage and she'd need every edge she could get. "Kunzite," she said, nodding in greeting at the silver-haired man who had walked into view. "Sailor Venus, Greetings," he said in reply. His eyes wearily searched the area before...



by lisGinka


Venus: That cool attitude of yours pisses me off!!
Kunzite: Sorry, I didn’t intend to…
What should I do? What the heck…

Nephrite: She seems sort of different today. I know!! She’s wearing different perfume, right!?
Caption: Correct!
Jupiter: He always knows. Always, always.
Caption2: Pillar —>

Jadeite: She’s laughing!!!
Eh…huh!? I didn’t mean to…
Mars: Hee hee, it was a joke!

Caption: Teasing her.
Mercury: Kya!
Zoisite: Huh? You were reading THIS? You’re so serious!


Anyway!! The 4x4 are hot and heavy!!! That’s the feeling I had when I drew these four panels.
It’s fun to imagine that in the 30th century, the four generals are reborn, but I think it’s fun to imagine them being reborn in the present and seeing the lovey-dovey everyday adventures of MamoUsa and the four protector pairs. vv

Anything I didn’t depict here will just expand and expand!

I think I died and went straight to fangirl heaven. Fan. Art. Translated.


"Sorry I didn’t intend to…"

That was so in-character it hurt.

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