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Thank yooooou!

Dilly Dally-After School 

Ahhh this is such a fun song. 

i assume that you're awesome :D

Oh you!

 kiartle replied to your postkiartle replied to your post: Why are you so…

when my sister lived here, our rooms were connected by a bathroom too so i feel your pain, especially since she used to blast music while i was trying to sleep on school nights >.

Ugh. I’m sorry. I’ll be out in six months (hopefully) so I’m not gonna make a big deal out of it. *le shrug*



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Wow, no exciting stories? What about all the times I have danced to ‘The Boys’ and almost nailed the moves? huh, what about those? Or how awesome I am at singing Daesung’s lines in ‘Fantastic Baby’? Huh!?!

Sis. No. We don’t have cool stories. I’m sorry by “almost nailed” did you mean “fell on your ass”?

kiartle replied to your post: Why are you so amazing and awesome at being my sister? ;D Also, why are you so cool? ^o^

i didnt know you two were related :OOOO thats awesome!

Hahah yeah we are. I really wish I had an awesome story to tell about us being sisters but I don’t. We’re just two awkward sisters that dance to kpop late at night and squeal about how much we love Sailor Moon. Right now, she’s driving me insane with Fantastic Baby by Bigbang. (Our rooms connect by the bathroom.) And being the true tumblr user I am, I’m too lazy to close the door.

hey, did you see the kpop list thingy? xD

I did! I’m currently listening my way through the list! Thank you so much!

enogitna replied to your post: enogitna replied to your post: No big deal. Just…

my math teacher was super!nice, too. I wasn’t even SUPPOSED to be in Honors level trig, it was a mistake. I was scared my Whole Life Was Ruined because of that grade (obviously I still remember it vividly lol). BUT YOU ROCKED THE GRADE!!!

YAY SUPER!NICE TEACHERS! IT WAS HONORS? Oh honey bear, that’s terrible. Like seriously the biggest thing I’ve ever accomplished. This has been, no doubt, the best and worst year of my life. And High School is definitely the hardest thing I’ve done. I know there will be more challenges but hell, it isn’t high school. 

 kiartle replied to your postNo big deal. Just gonna grab my DIPLOMA!

congratulations!!!!! :D the exact same thing happened to me a few days ago to end my sophomore year, i had a 70 in geometry and i had to do good on the final exam and i passed with a 73 (which isn’t the best score but STILL!) i passed with a 73 :D

Thank you…

HOLY NUGGETS YOU’RE A SOPHOMORE? Wow. I thought you were older than me! (You sound so mature.) CONGRATS ON PASSING GEOMETRY!

Tag game (thescentofwhiteroses and otakugrimoire)

The Rules:
Rule 1 - Post the rules.

Rule 2 - Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then make 11 new ones.
Rule 3 - Tag 11 people and then link them to your post.
Rule 4 - Let them know you’ve tagged them.

1.    What’s your favorite color to wear, and why?

Purple, red, or a dusty pink. Purple because it is my favorite color. Red because people say redheads shouldn’t. Dusty pink because it looks romantic and vintage-y.

2.    Can you remember your dreams when you wake up? If so, how do you dream? With sound? In color? Do you have lucid dreams?

I used to more than now. I used to keep a dream journal and it was 

3.    Do you like cosplay? If so, what would be your dream character(s) to cosplay?

I never have but my dream characters would be Sailor V, Manga Moon, or school girl Rei Hino.

4.    Have you ever dyed your hair? If so, what color(s)?

Nope. My mother would kill me. Along with a couple hairdressers and the old women at walmart. 

5.    Do you notice when you enter a store and there’s no music playing? Or when you’re watching a movie and there’s no music during a scene?

YES! ALL THE TIME! It feels so eerily silent and I usually feel uncomfortable.

6.    Have you ever gone to a certain location and suddenly felt a moment of profound peace? (This happens to me when I swim in Lake Michigan)

YES BUT I CAN’T REMEMBER WHERE! I really remember the feeling though.

7.    Did you know “irregardless” isn’t a word?

I’ve never heard that not-word before. The double negatives in that sentence are confusing me.

8.    Have you seen The Avengers yet? Are you also in love with Loki like me? I mean… did you feel bad for Loki at all?

I haven’t! I want to but I get mad at others for not reading the book so I feel as if the rule applies to me as well.

9.    Are you musically inclined? In particular do you play any instruments? Can you sing?

I used to be choir. I was an alto.  When I sing now I sound like I’m calling whales. 

I’m not sure if I’m realizing my voice sucks and it has all along or if it left me like I believe.

10. Do you watch Avatar: The Last Airbender and/or The Legend of Korra? Can I attack you with my INTENSE FEELS if you do?

YES AND YES! Well…I don’t really remember the first avatar. I watched it in pieces a while ago. BOLIN HAS MY HEART!

11. Have you ever sat and compared people’s faces? Especially people who are related? Looking for similarities and differences?

Actually I have. I like doing that because it gives me something to do and to store away for later. I’m very quiet so it’s neat to compare.


1)Your Ultimate Top 10 OTPs.
  1. Venus and Kunzite (SM)
  2. Usagi and Mamoru (SM)
  3. Haruka and Michiru (SM)
  4. Yamada and Mayama (Honey and Clover)
  5. PGSM Motoki and Makoto
  6. Jess and Nick (New Girl)
  7. Shouma and Ringo (Mawaru Penguindrum)
  8. Rapunzel and Flynn (Tangled)
  9. Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice DON’T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT)
  10. Creamsicle (STOP JUDGING ME)
2)Favorite animes of all time and why.
  1. Sailor Moon  because it’s the first anime I ever watched.
  2. Mawaru Penguindrum because I was mind fucked so many times.
  3. Honey and Clover. I love shows that step all over your feelings.
3)Favorite mangas of all time and why.
  1. Sailor Moon. This time it’s just the first because to me it’s the best. The anime was my childhood. I loved watching how these girls would beat the MOTD. The manga is the reason why I run a Sailor Moon blog. I don’t cry  to shows or books but I do when I read the manga. It evokes feelings in me that I can’t quite explain. 
  2. Sailor V because my girl Minako has character. It’s fun and silly. But the end makes me so happy/sad/nostalgic. 
  3. Maria (yes Naoko is on here three times) because seriously that manga was SO CUTE. I just adored it. I can’t really explain.
4)Favorite games of all time and why.
Mario? I’m not much of a gamer, actually. I play pretty much anything in the mario franchise.

5)Favorite band/song of all time (chose one of those or both) and why?

So it shall be favorite right now.
Band: The Vaccines (they’re awesome)
Song: Junkyard by 

7)How is your bedroom?

8)What are your school/college grades (if you graduated them tell us how you were in those days)
HHAHAHAHAHAAHHA! I’m in the A-B range simply because I’m a senior in regulars classes. Last year had all kinds of letters!

9)Currently reading/watching mangas/animes
I’m watching FLCL, Cybersix, and Arkawa Under the Bridge.

10)If you could slap anybody,fictional or not,who would you slap?
Barney Stinson from HIMYM because Marshall makes it seem so fun.

11)Why do you follow me?
Because your blog’s neat, you’re awesome, and all the pictures are quality. :]
  1. What do you dress like?
  2.  Current favorite song?
  3.  What do you think is your best and worst quality?
  4.  Favorite superhero?
  5.  Do you have a crackship?
  6.  What’s your favorite movie?
  7.  What fictional character would you date?
  8.  If someone looked inside your dream mirror, what would they see?
  9.  Who are your OTPS and why?
  10.  If you could have one item from any show, what would it be?
  11.  What’s your proudest accomplishment on tumblr?
You don’t have to if you don’t want to!
  1. singing-n-the-rain
  2. kiartle
  3. sailormodernday
  4. horu-chan
  5. misspinkeyes
  6. my-weird-thoughts
  7. sailorzelda
  8. webbgirl88
  9. gettothestabbing
  10. lamiales
  11. mooneternalpower

My Forever Follows

The blogs below are beautiful and SWEETIES. I’m not kidding whenever I say everyone here is sweet. I can’t imagine my dash without them. They are 100% quality. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! 

IDESOFNOVEMBER-Moonie tumblr, A Supplier of Feels and Hilarity, and (a bit of) Headcanon-My troubling princess forever. She’s in the middle of rewatching the anime. Capping it then being hilarious. She is so worth the follow and make you cry from laughter and your feelings of your first OTP. (Also, so supportive.)

KYRALIH- Moonie tumblr, Fanfiction, and Headcanon- DAMN, CAN THE GIRL WRITE. Not only is she a great writer but also her headcanon beats yours with an artifact for a week straight. She is super intelligent and creative and seriously the SWEETEST!

KIARTLE-A Little Bit of Everything Tumblr, Quality Pictures, and SUCH A CUTIE- Seriously she is so kind. She is a little ball of fun. Her blog is as cute as she is. She will make you want to watch/play/sing everything she has on their. Whenever I want to fan about SNSD, she’s there. She’s also there to point you to a thousand different awesome links.

LAMIALES-A Little Bit of Everything Tumblr, Nifty Pictures, and a Bit of a Badass- I say this because whenever I go onto her blog. I’m like “Hell yes, I’m following her.” She’s really cool and really pretty. I end up staring at her blog forever like “DAMMIT! Why am I not that cool?”

THESCENTOFWHITEROSES-A Little Bit of Everything Tumblr, Pretty Pictures, and Such A Cool Layout- Her blog goes from Sailor Moon to political talk to cool stuff to other fandoms. AND I JUST ADORE IT! Every time I see her post I want to hug her.

SINGING-N-THE-RAINA Little Bit of Everything Tumblr, LE FEELS, and There For a Good Chat- Seriously, honey, I look forward every Monday for our FKH feels. This girl is like my first mate when it comes to shipping Kunzite and Venus. Her blog is full of musical geeky awesomeness. I JUST ADORE YOU! 

SAILORMODERNDAY-Moonie Tumblr, AWESOME IDEA, and Girl of a Million Projects- She’s running a roleplay, a thousand tumblrs, and God knows what else. Her blog is as if she is about to cast/dress/design the MODERN DAY Sailor Moon movie of our dreams. 

MOONETERNALPOWER- Moonie Tumblr, BEAUTIFUL EDITS, and BEAUTIFUL GIFS- If you ever want to cry your eyes out because of beautiful Sailor Moon pictures go here. I just spoke to her today and she seems like a cool cat. Also, she just adopted me as a part of HER FAMILY. JUST FOLLOW HER AND YOUR DASH WILL GIVE YOU A HUG!

LABESS- A Little Bit of Everything Tumblr, Awesome Opinions, and Funny as Hell- I can’t do this blog justice by explaining it. Just do yourself a favor and follow.

IWILLPUNISHYOU-Moonie Tumblr, Fanfiction, and Beautifulness Supplier-I’ve never spoken to the blog owner but the blog itself just makes me green with envy. So pretty!



FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINALLLY finished this! Sailor Senshi meets SNSD ;p

And don’t ask where Chibimoon is, it’s annoying


Tumblr Crushes:

kiartle replied to your post: (◕‿◕ ✿) :D

omg why were you afraid to talk to me ;_; im sorry if i was intimidating Dx

I’m actually afraid to talk to anyone ESPECIALLY in real life. You just seemed cool and then you were also SUPER NICE. I’m also constantly worried I’ll come off as a creep. :}

Tumblr Crushes:

Tumblr Crushes:

Best blogs.