Knights of Crystal Tokyo


Knights of Crystal Tokyo

Knights of Crystal Tokyo.

Looking for four more players - Sailor Ceres, Sailor Juno, Knight Ganymede, Knight Callisto - and positions for the villains, the more terrifying of the gods of ancient Olmec and Aztec mythology, are open.

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Sailor Moon by ~nako-75

Can I just say how much I love this picture? I always see the top first. So it’s all these people that have looked for the crystal’s light. It’s all about the quest of Usagi. It shows her epic journey of her friends and her guardians assisted with. But at the end of everything it boils down to one thing, a girl who had a miracle romance. An unlikely girl who lit up the world.


XD Woo dollmaker!

I present to you the Amazoness Senshi with their leader, Eternal Sailor Chibi Moon!

Things got tough without a curved piece to play with… but whatever. ^-^

I have the utmost respect for you. This is amazing.