Vaguely Sailor Moon- The Queens

With these dresses I tried to replicate the same feel/style of the dresses in a modern way. (So you could wear it out and feel like a QUEEN!)

Queen Serenity- Dress 1 and Dress 2

Queen Beryl-  Dress 1 and Dress 2

Queen Nehellenia- Dress 1 and Dress 2

Can we just talk about if these things came in a two pack? Usagi would try to give one to Mamoru? Then, Mamoru would try to politely refuse but he would be no match to Usagi’s big eyes and puppy pout. 

Then, he would cringe every time his phone rang and he had to pull it out of a blue bunny case. And Motoki would NEVER let him live it down.

Senshi Semi-Formal Attire

-All items from ModCloth-

Usagi’s Dress: It’s pink, floral, short, and ties up with a cute ribbon. It has a bit of lace and it would be perfect for Usagi just to slip on for a night out on the town. Earrings

Chibiusa’s Dress: I love this adorable pink number. The pattern is so playful and fits her personality. Necklace

The two would wear the same style of shoes because they are adorable.

Ami’s Dress: I like this dress for Ami because it’s simple, elegant, and has a little pocket. My head canon for her is that she is always prepared for anything. You need Kleenex? She has them.  Usagi forgot her ticket? Why there is an extra in Ami’s chest pocket. Another fashion head canon for Mercury is that she has a love for loafers. Then she’d wear the earrings she normally wears. (I couldn’t find a good replica of those.)

Minako’s Dress: Bright yellow and a cheeky v-neck. Her entire outfit is an explosion of bright, bold colors. It’s fun and bold. Purse and shoes

Rei’s Dress: THIS ONE TOOK ME FOREVER! I like this dress for her because of two reasons. Reason 1:THE LENGTH IS PERFECT. I feel like she wears things a tad longer than everyone else. Reason 2: Freaking classy. It shows a hint of chest and shows off her silhouette. It’s sexy without being over the top. Shoes-Peep toe heels of course. Then the earrings.

Makoto’s Dress: Makoto wears a lot of form fitting dresses. I think this dress shows off her height, shape, talent, and spunk. The shoes are a bit edgy and add a bit of a kickass vibe to it. Of course, she’d be wearing her earrings .

Hotaru’s Dress: A pretty and flowy dress that would show off her petite frame. In the back is a tad of black lace. The dress and earrings are very delicate against the shoes and belt. I think this reflects the two sides of her.

Haruka’s Dress: To me, it looks like a slick detective jacket with a skirt. I feel like this is something she could be confident in. I don’t know why but I associate Haruka with these kind of collars. Shoes and earrings

Michiru’s Dress: Flowy and beautiful without trying. Like the ocean. Eh? Eh? I chose these earrings because I think that a necklace would have been to overwhelming. The shoes are neutral and the shape has a bit of a wave to it.

Setsuna’s Dress: Very simple and elegant. I feel that she is an accesorizer. She is someone who can make a plain black dress into something unforgettable. The necklace is a pocket watch and her shoes are different because she is probably the only person that could work them. Her fashion sense is elegant but a tad daring.

PHEW! IT’S DONE! This took me four hours but I’m really proud of it.

I chose a theme. So this set of rings around, the one, the only, SAILOR VENUS. :]

I chose rings because my headcanon is that V wears a lot of gold rings mostly with hearts. They’re fairly cheap. I suggest taking a look. 

So this week’s theme is Vaguely Sailor Venus.

Ring One: $3.99- This one had her color scheme. Venus just reminds me of Grecian like the markings surrounding the heart.

Ring Two-$3.99- The ring reminds me of her chain.

Ring Three- $7.00- I imagined this exact same thing on the one of her ring finger except thicker and a wider heart.

Ring Four- A gold star to remind her (or you) about your aspirations and goals.

This concludes Vaguely Sailor…Venus.

Any ideas on, what should be my next theme?

Sailormodernday wanted to see stuff the senshi or I would buy. I like to call it:

How Sailor Something spent her incredibly small check

Just kidding. 

Vaguely Sailor Moon

These are items I actually own.

Star Earrings- $1.50 Forever 21 (It reminded me of the Star Locket.)

Red Bow flats- I got them on clearance for $9.00. Since a red bow would look stupid in red hair 


I got my first cosplay item!


Well…this is literally Sailor Moon. WHATEVER.