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still one of the best couples


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Your drawing style is adorable!!

post R-movie



been thinking about the R movie (thanks to Keyofnik’s liveblogging) and how it just, like, ends so abruptly. Of course, it works perfectly in the context of the film, but I (growing up on American cinema where you always have a ‘the next day’ or ‘later on’ everything-is-okay closure scene) always wondered what happened after.

How did they get back to Earth, for example?  I assume Sailor Teleport, with Mamoru as ‘cargo’.  What sort of effect would using that much power have on an already-weakened Usagi?  I imagine she’s passed out when they return (but still fine, just exhausted), and Mamoru and Rei have an intense staring competition over who gets to take Usagi home and fuss over her all night long. Mamoru wins, but all the girls (plus the cats and Chibi-Usa) come with them because they don’t want to be apart from Usagi for a second.  So they all pile in Mamoru’s bed, floor and chairs (except Mamoru who is banished to the living room sofa) and watch her sleep and eventually doze with her until she wakes up like:

“what the heck? okay, who is making me breakfast?”

Except everyone is still passed out (all night worrying over Usagi has such an effect), so Usagi has to climb over and crawl around piles of sleeping girls and felines and eventually manages to tip-toe out of Mamoru’s bedroom and into the living room where she finds a stretched out still sleeping Mamoru on the couch. Usagi contemplates cooking for everyone but remembers her last unfortunate debacle in the kitchen and decides to instead curl up on the couch with Mamoru, tangling herself up in him and falling back to sleep.


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there was a lot of these two little objects in the manga before their memories returned and it always felt so sweet, so intimate to me. it felt important, being able to see how often those two truly thought about each other before their relationship truly even began. these simple little actions meant so much more than people understood and i genuinely hope they include these little bits in the new anime.


Usagi: Damn, you’re handsome!

Mamoru: You think so :D?

Usagi: You’re so well proportioned you look good in anything!

I can’t even begin to describe how hilarious and adorable I find this.

I mean the fact Usagi just runs up to her boyfriend and is like “DAMN YER HANDSOME!” She doesn’t play around, GET IT GURL.

And that Mamoru’s reaction is to giggle and blush and be like “omg you think so for reals that makes me happy”

and then she starts going on about his proportions okay gurl we know where your eyes have been wandering and Mamoru just giggles some more and  be like “cut out Usako aawww” gosh they are a couple of dorks.

Also the “you look good in anything” has that hidden subtext of “which is good because your fashion taste is shit”. 

Her arm and hair looks a little bit weird because it was scanned from a book. I took out the background and stuff. But I had to edit this picture because of Mamoru’s bedroom eyes.

the lovers by ~winetta

Can we just talk about if these things came in a two pack? Usagi would try to give one to Mamoru? Then, Mamoru would try to politely refuse but he would be no match to Usagi’s big eyes and puppy pout. 

Then, he would cringe every time his phone rang and he had to pull it out of a blue bunny case. And Motoki would NEVER let him live it down.

Mrs and Mr Smith Parody by *Aiijuin