THIS GUY.  THIS FUCKING GUY.  Like omg. Decides he wants to get back together with his girlfriend and does it in the most pompous way possible.  I mean look at how he’s standing in those first two screenshots MY GOD.

His speech is so obscure that Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury have to explain to Sailor Moon what the actual fuck he even meant.

And then he makes her run across the damn city to find him.

But it’s okay because it’s that sort of thing that makes you love him. I mean, you know he did it because he’s too scared to open himself up in any other way than behind a mask in some vague double-speak and then run as far away as he can like a little child.





OMG He does that in video games too XD

I bet he says one of his ridic phrases after this :P


Okay, you totally have to watch this one. I don’t know why I get the giggles - it’s really well done. Maybe because I can’t understand what he’s singing, and he sounds so SUPER!SERIOUS with this incredibly peppy beat and I just can’t hold it in. Add in footage of incrediblybroadshouldered!TuxedoMask and you’ve got this gem. THIS GEM OF A VIDEO. 


I love this scene, okay? First of all, Tuxedo Mask shows up and saves his daughter like the boss he is. Then Mimete gets all pissed and he’s basically all “LOL YOU’RE MAD AT ME? WAIT UNTIL MY GURL COMES AND FUCKS YOUR SHIT UP SHE’S THE MAIN EVENT OH LOOK HERE SHE IS NOW.” And then cue pretty light show for Sailor Moon. I mean, talk about a way to show off your girlfriend. 

Mamo-chan is perfection.