Her arm and hair looks a little bit weird because it was scanned from a book. I took out the background and stuff. But I had to edit this picture because of Mamoru’s bedroom eyes.



The front door is for losers

#pfft ring the doorbell? #fuck that I’m sailor V #let me just jump up onto your balcony here #and make you want to rethink your home security system #ta da!

You know, she did spend a lot of time in London on the police force. She probably learned all sorts of ways to break into people’s home’s and be like “What the shit? Dude, we told you over 300 times, Sakurada-sempai isn’t going to let me to arrest you anymore if you keep trying to steal your neighbor’s lamp so you can look up my skirt. She’ll send Wakagi-san next time and he’s really mean. So, be good okay? SAILOR V KICK!”

I live a Minako Aino and idesofnovember appreciation life.

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Act One: Usagi Tsukino Expression Appreciation

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Her growth throughout the entire series just fills me with so much joy.

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