I did this ages ago for a Sailor Moon fanzine thingy and forgot to post it up when I was finally allowed to! Oops! haha Either way, here it is now. I’m still super proud of how it turned out.

they’re so unstable. (a mars/jadeite mix) [listen]

  1. Do I Wanna Know- Artic Monkeys
  2. In My Veins - Andrew Belle
  3. Man on the Moon- Phillip Phillips
  4. Circles- As Tall As Lions
  5. The One That Got Away- The Civil Wars
  6. Love Don’t Die- The Fray
  7. Wildest Moments- Jessie Ware
  8. Bittersweet- Elle Goulding
  9. Slow Dancing in a Burning Room- John Mayer
  10. Poison & Wine- The Civil Wars

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