hello friends. anyone want to either send me

A.) prompts (for mars/venus or literally any of the shitennou/senshi pairings)

B.) send me excellent fic of the ships above

i will love you forever if you do. 

Headcanon of the Day: Jupiter and Zoisite, BFFs


I think Jupiter and Zoisite would have a very cool, very energetic friendship.

They share some common bonds in terms of being the youngest in each group. And while they are in some ways wildly different, it’s the differences that make them such a fun duo. Zoisite is the self-confident, narcissist, but he’s also perhaps the one with the highest EQ of any of the Shitennou. He gets people. Pair that with Jupiter’s independent yet maternal nature, and I think they become the friends who constantly meddle in everyone’s lives, trying to take care of them (or just get them to do what Jupiter and Zoisite THINK they should do).

And of course, I think the two of them feed each other’s mischievous nature. Zoisite is a natural prankster, but I think Jupiter is a bit different. She’s been alone most of her life, and so I think she sees Zoisite’s energy as a way to engage with others. His enthusiasm is infectious and it brings her a bit out of her shell, which is good for her.

And her own reserved nature is a good balance for Zoisite, who could take things too far. And being selfish by nature, Jupiter’s more caring persona is good for him to get out of his own head and see things from someone else’s perspective every once in a while. He’s a much more compassionate person because of her friendship.


I did this ages ago for a Sailor Moon fanzine thingy and forgot to post it up when I was finally allowed to! Oops! haha Either way, here it is now. I’m still super proud of how it turned out.

they’re so unstable. (a mars/jadeite mix) [listen]

  1. Do I Wanna Know- Artic Monkeys
  2. In My Veins - Andrew Belle
  3. Man on the Moon- Phillip Phillips
  4. Circles- As Tall As Lions
  5. The One That Got Away- The Civil Wars
  6. Love Don’t Die- The Fray
  7. Wildest Moments- Jessie Ware
  8. Bittersweet- Elle Goulding
  9. Slow Dancing in a Burning Room- John Mayer
  10. Poison & Wine- The Civil Wars