Can I just talk about the cruciality and how badass is Sailor Venus in the manga?

- She was the closest friend of Princess Serenity.

- She watched her lover die.

- She was the leader of the Inner senshi.

- And the wielder of the freaking holy sword that killed Beryl. 


I started to draw Usagi and ended up with Minako… 


Sailor Venussss in my sketch book, she’s my hero <3


Sailor V

In celebration of a new Sailor Moon, I’m drawing some portraits!


A fashion take at Sailor Venus/ Aino Minako / Mina Aino (my favorite senshi, BTW).

The red striped dress and military jacket look good togheter <3. I want that jacket, lol.

3 black pen, golden marker, Norma Atelier colored pencils, watercolour pencils, crayons, canson paper (layout, 120g/18lb), PSP edited.

I am trying to get better at hands. Feet still a mistery to me :P.


I’m making a countdown cuz I’m a shameless dork.


Cyborg Sailor Venus, Charity Sketch Commission

You may remember this series so far, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars.