I’m making a countdown cuz I’m a shameless dork.


Cyborg Sailor Venus, Charity Sketch Commission

You may remember this series so far, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars.


Got my Halloween costume in the mail today! This wig is bananas! (How do people with straight hair manage?) 






Headcanon: After defeating a youma, they whip out a camera and start taking pictures. They stand on it triumphantly and snap away.

Continuing the headcanon: It was Minako’s idea. She has a celebrity facebook page set up for Sailor V and wanted to change the profile picture.

Sailor Moon Redraw Meme!

I saw this a loong time ago and knew one day I’d want to do this. Yeah this is a rp blog, but it’s still SM related so, I’m posting it here.

In truth I’ve never seen Stars, but this cap has always been a personal fave so I HAD to do it. I prefer the manga though so I made sure to add those touches in; mostly flowy hair.

Anywho, enjoy and don’t remove this text!~


Sailor Venus! Bring on the sparkles.