Millennium: A Silver Millennium Roleplay

Hey you. Yeah you. Are you looking to participate in a Silver Millennium roleplay? Want to portray the senshi, shitennou, a cat, or the Queen of the Moon?

Knew it. Come join us, we have a super awesome group of people and you can come with any range of experience. That’s right. You can come with none at all as long as you enjoy writing and have a passion for your character We’d love to see you there. 

If you have any questions you can ask me here or ask me on the site. :D

Millennium: A Silver Millennium Roleplay

Millennium is a Sailor Moon roleplay based in the Silver Millennium. It is based on the canon events. It is a senshixshitennou roleplay. We are an active and diverse forum. Our skill levels range from expert to novice. We have a lot of open canon characters! We would love you to join!

I’m almost to the point where I’d pay money for someone to play Kunzite and Mercury. (Seriously, if you come and play Kunzite, I think I’d cry and love you forever.) Please message me if you have any questions or are interested. :]

Join us

Shout-out to the Silver Millennium Roleplay run by my sister and me. I’d appreciate if you guys took a look around or even joined. :D

You can contact me with any questions via my ask box or on the site. 

Rei Hino RP

Hey guys! I just wanted to let you all know that I just joined a tumblr roleplay. There’s a group starting and there are a lot of open canon roles.

Here’s the link ->

(Come join please.)

I play Mars and here’s the link to that (It’s in my sidebar too) ->

Shitennou Reborn

Shitennou Reborn

The Shitennou are back, but they remember little to nothing about their past selves and what they have done. The only thing that makes them take a double take, is when they see their former prince, Mamoru Chiba, or as they remember him, Endymion.

The senshi are friends, but they aren’t nearly as close as they used to be and they only really see each other on special occasions. All of them have been working to achieve all of their goals and dreams before Crystal Tokyo. But that is about to change.

Something sinister is brewing beneath the streets of Tokyo, something evil is planning to destroy the senshi and anything that stands in its way. The senshi must reunite and stop this evil, before it destroys their world and changes the future they know and want. Will you help shape the future of Crystal Tokyo and make the civilization that Serenity and Endymion have always dreamed of? Or will you be one of the ones plotting to destroy it?

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Sailor Moon Revelations 


I’ll keep reblogging myself, guys. Until you join.

You must join. It’s great.

Knights of Crystal Tokyo


Knights of Crystal Tokyo

Knights of Crystal Tokyo.

Looking for four more players - Sailor Ceres, Sailor Juno, Knight Ganymede, Knight Callisto - and positions for the villains, the more terrifying of the gods of ancient Olmec and Aztec mythology, are open.

For the plot, read more.

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Sailor Moon Revelations

You want to roleplay in a badass Sailor Moon AU before Crystal Tokyo? 

DON’T WE ALL?! Come one and all to Sailor Moon Revelations. It’s gonna be big.