usagi for a commissions post i’m making! she’s playing animal crossing :9


Alright! More from the sailor moon shoot! 

Sailor Cosmos: darakumegami

Usagi: pardonmybloomers

Saturn: thepowerofcute

Rei: Sunseenli

Hotaru: Avianfirefly

Cyprine: elyseexplosion

Jupiter: krobek

Mercury: rainbow-rex

Ptilol: Me! 

There is a lot of mercury…Because mercury is my favorite senshi! <3 AND BUBBLES! 


These are super cool.

❝ A lot of the staff on ‘Sailor Moon Crystal’ now are women who joined the industry because they loved ‘Sailor Moon’ so much when they were young, ❞

- (via sailorfailures)

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