A fashion take at Sailor Venus/ Aino Minako / Mina Aino (my favorite senshi, BTW).

The red striped dress and military jacket look good togheter <3. I want that jacket, lol.

3 black pen, golden marker, Norma Atelier colored pencils, watercolour pencils, crayons, canson paper (layout, 120g/18lb), PSP edited.

I am trying to get better at hands. Feet still a mistery to me :P.


here’s my Sailor Moon piece, which will be on display amongst other super amazing works for Moon Crisis 2014! art show opens July 5, at Rothick Art Haus.



Can’t wait until the Sailor Moon reboot! Also, I’m almost done my cosplay. All that’s left is to make the tiara and the little gem that goes in the middle of my bow :)

OMG! ♥


Sneaking under the wire to post double-bunny-birthday arts.


sailor senshi and the meaning of their entire name