My piece for Qpop's Sailormoon Tribute Show! Come by and say hello and check out equally cool arts!

Picspam: Rei Hino being a cutie pie


Running Errands by Sora


I loved seeing all these redraws around so I decided to give it a shot!!!

commissions are open!!!


PGSM ↣ Act 8

    ↳ Makoto rescues Rei


Odera Redesigns The Inner Sailor Scouts

Prints, Phone Cases, and more available at my society6 store.

More Sailor Moon redesigns here


Hey everybody! Some of you showed interest in buying prints of these Sailor Moon redesigns. So rather than waiting another month or two to finish the last five scouts, I decided to put up the first five in my society6 store: http://society6.com/Odera 

Things can get a little bit pricy, but unfortunately I don’t get to price anything aside from the prints. However, I have some products from society6 and they are great quality and reliable as well. I’m kind of tempted to buy a tote bag or pillow of these scouts~!

I’ve felt tons of support and love from these redesigns thus far, and for that I am forever grateful and inspired. If you really like ‘em, you should put a ring on em you can go ahead and purchase whatever your heart desires and can afford. And uh. Just let me know if you are dying to have one of these scouts on a mug, laptop/ipad case, or tshirt/hoodie/onesie/puppy pajamas, or tattooed across your heart, or on your wedding cake, etc. 


Sailor Moon piece for the Agit Gallery Animation show tomorrow night! #SailorMoon #anime #hotchicks #rainbows #art #watercolor


I took a crack at that Sailor Moon screencap redraw everyone’s doing

Screencap from sailormoonscreencaps


Usually I don’t do redraws, but wow, it was fun to just doodle around. Drawn specifically because I follow Jet Wolf’s blog where I see a lot of awesome redraws, and I’ll use any excuse to play with the girls’ hair — sssshh, don’t judge me. 

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