Cause she’s so pretty and yeah, flowers and stuff :D


Who’s Ready to get Sailor SWOL?
When we saw the Sailor Moon Lifting team t-shirts from Look Human it was love at first sight.  I bought the Jupiter tank on the spot because thunder thighs ARE wonder thighs.  We threw quick costumes together for Con G and got physical in the hotel gym like magical girls.

Uranus:  GillyKins
Neptune: Olivia’s Atelier and Cosplay
Pluto: Honeysaliva
Saturn: Sperren Cosplay

Photos By: Amaleigh Photography


whoop whoop another redraw. these are fun!

watercolor + colored pencil again. flipped version



Read right to left.

Comic by Cockpit.  Translated by Sailor Scribbles.



Author’s Note: “This sight is my image of the Outers.”

Translator’s note:  Fun fact: the title of Cockpit’s comics are hidden in the file names.  Usually they’re phrases or subjects from the comic transcribed into romaji with a few vowels dropped, which I then have to puzzle out.  If I can’t figure it out, I just make up an appropriate one.  Sometimes they’re just single English words like this one though.