No, but seriously, this has to be the most heart wrenching, painfully ironic, yet most self-empowering things about Sailor Venus and the reason I respect her so much.

Yes, yes, yes. A thousand times yes.

I was re-reading the Sailor V manga a few days ago and this particular chapter just never fails to hit home.
And so many parts get so much focus from the fandom, which is great, and some other parts (mainly the actual character of Ace) just gets neglected, which is less great.

But it’s such a significant point in Minako’s story arc. It’s when, at the cost of yet another romantic disappointment, she’s genuinely bombarded with a plethora of realisations. Her past life, the nature of her true power, her duty, having to come to terms with the fact she forgot all of this information and having to process it all fast.
The form of Sailor V was the character of civilian Minako as a Sailor Senshi. But here we see everything come full circle. By becoming Sailor Venus she’s not just Minako anymore. We see standing before us a combination of civilian Minako and her past life in one beautiful, strong package. 

The irony of her love being hopeless isn’t lost on her of course, she’s smarter than that. Despite putting her duty first and foremost I’ve always considered Venus multi-layered enough to still feel deeply upset at the fact that she’s always going to lose out on the romantic aspect. And it’s not out of a place of resentment of being a Senshi. Oh no. She might be the embodiment of romantic love but she puts her true calling of protecting Serenity first and foremost without a moments’s hesitation or regret. But the sadness comes from the idea of ‘Why can’t I have both…?’ (Although this is probably my own head canon to be honest).

No other person, real life or fictional, has had more of an influence on my growing up and thinking more than Minako. Her character shows how ironic life can be to you despite your values or standing. She shows no matter how tragic things might be, there’s going to be moments in your life where you’re just going to have to continue powering on and fighting and that there won’t be any time to breakdown (both before and after). She shows exactly how unreliable the way you feel can potentially be, and that fully realising this won’t always be enough to stop you from paying the consequences for not taking the time to be introspective. She also shows how it’s difficult for all of us as well when it comes to love, some of us won’t have a duty to place over romance and that we have absolutely no choice but to deal with the pain head on without a comfort zone or something to dull the sting. 

It’s more or less evident from a lot of my posts I love Minako, but there are times where I just have this huge fucking rush of affection for her that I’m hyper-aware of, and it’s like I’m being introduced to her character all over again. It’s like I’m growing up with her all over again.