My Forever Follows

The blogs below are beautiful and SWEETIES. I’m not kidding whenever I say everyone here is sweet. I can’t imagine my dash without them. They are 100% quality. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! 

IDESOFNOVEMBER-Moonie tumblr, A Supplier of Feels and Hilarity, and (a bit of) Headcanon-My troubling princess forever. She’s in the middle of rewatching the anime. Capping it then being hilarious. She is so worth the follow and make you cry from laughter and your feelings of your first OTP. (Also, so supportive.)

KYRALIH- Moonie tumblr, Fanfiction, and Headcanon- DAMN, CAN THE GIRL WRITE. Not only is she a great writer but also her headcanon beats yours with an artifact for a week straight. She is super intelligent and creative and seriously the SWEETEST!

KIARTLE-A Little Bit of Everything Tumblr, Quality Pictures, and SUCH A CUTIE- Seriously she is so kind. She is a little ball of fun. Her blog is as cute as she is. She will make you want to watch/play/sing everything she has on their. Whenever I want to fan about SNSD, she’s there. She’s also there to point you to a thousand different awesome links.

LAMIALES-A Little Bit of Everything Tumblr, Nifty Pictures, and a Bit of a Badass- I say this because whenever I go onto her blog. I’m like “Hell yes, I’m following her.” She’s really cool and really pretty. I end up staring at her blog forever like “DAMMIT! Why am I not that cool?”

THESCENTOFWHITEROSES-A Little Bit of Everything Tumblr, Pretty Pictures, and Such A Cool Layout- Her blog goes from Sailor Moon to political talk to cool stuff to other fandoms. AND I JUST ADORE IT! Every time I see her post I want to hug her.

SINGING-N-THE-RAINA Little Bit of Everything Tumblr, LE FEELS, and There For a Good Chat- Seriously, honey, I look forward every Monday for our FKH feels. This girl is like my first mate when it comes to shipping Kunzite and Venus. Her blog is full of musical geeky awesomeness. I JUST ADORE YOU! 

SAILORMODERNDAY-Moonie Tumblr, AWESOME IDEA, and Girl of a Million Projects- She’s running a roleplay, a thousand tumblrs, and God knows what else. Her blog is as if she is about to cast/dress/design the MODERN DAY Sailor Moon movie of our dreams. 

MOONETERNALPOWER- Moonie Tumblr, BEAUTIFUL EDITS, and BEAUTIFUL GIFS- If you ever want to cry your eyes out because of beautiful Sailor Moon pictures go here. I just spoke to her today and she seems like a cool cat. Also, she just adopted me as a part of HER FAMILY. JUST FOLLOW HER AND YOUR DASH WILL GIVE YOU A HUG!

LABESS- A Little Bit of Everything Tumblr, Awesome Opinions, and Funny as Hell- I can’t do this blog justice by explaining it. Just do yourself a favor and follow.

IWILLPUNISHYOU-Moonie Tumblr, Fanfiction, and Beautifulness Supplier-I’ve never spoken to the blog owner but the blog itself just makes me green with envy. So pretty!

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